This page provides the sound files corresponding to the results of the irrelevance time-scale filter reported in Necciari et al. "Perceptual optimization of audio representations based on time-frequency masking data for maximally-compact stimuli", presented at the AES 45th conference on Applications of Time-Frequency Processing in Audio, Helsinki, Finland, 2012 March 1-4.

  • Result 1:x1(t); sum of two Gaussians with frequency shift (ΔF) of +4 ERB units and time shift (ΔT) of 10 ms. Masker SPL (Lm) = 80 dB, target SPL (Lt) = 50 dB; target not masked.
  • Result 2: x2(t); sum of two Gaussians with ΔF = -2 ERB units and ΔT = 5 ms. Lm = 80 dB, Lt = 15 dB; target masked.
  • Result 3: x3(t); musical sound. Clarinet playing the note A3.