Experimental audiology, bilateral cochlear implants

Academic background

Stefan-Marcel Pok studied medicine at the Vienna Medical School. During the final years of his studies, he worked in the cochlear implantation team lead by Prof. Baumgartner at the Vienna University ENT-Department at the general hospital (the largest CI-centre in Austria). In spring 2001 he graduated with his PhD dissertation on “Unilateral and Bilateral Paediatric Cochlea Implantation” (click here for the German .pdf-version; 1504 KB) supervised by Prof. Baumgartner, Prof. Franz and Prof. Ehrenberger. He conducted and assisted in several studies on adult and paediatric CI patients. After University he decided to learn more about experimental audiology and started working for the Austrian Academy of Science’s Acoustics Research Institute where he gained considerable research experience. In the summer of 2001 he attended 3 weeks of research training at the Center for Auditory Prosthesis Research (CAPR) at the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) in North Carolina (Head: Blake Wilson), where a reputable CI research group conducts studies with bilateral CI users.

Research at our institute

Marcel worked in cooperation with his colleague Bernhard Laback in the field of experimental audiology and bilateral Cochlear Implants at the Acoustics Research Institute. One of his projects was the development of an array of a psycho-acoustical binaural tests to evaluate the benefit for bilateral CI users. The project also looked to answer some basic questions concerning the bilateral electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve using laboratory speech processors under research conditions.


Click here to see a list of selected publications (.pdf-format, 66 KB)
Proceedings DGA 2002, Zürich: .pdf (151 KB)

Professional societies and activities

Austrian ENT-Society, CIAA

Contact details

Marcel no longer works at our department; he is now at the University clinic for otorhinolaryngology in Frankfurt.