Acoustic Phonetics = Ac. Phonetics
Mathematics and Signal Processing in Acoustics = Maths/SP in Ac.
Psychoacoustics and Experimental Audiology = EAP
Physical and Computational Acoustics = Phys/Comp Ac.
Pole-Zero-VokaltraktmodellPhys/Comp Ac.Kaseß, KreuzerCurrent
RailVib - Vibrationen von EisenbahntunnelsPhys/Comp Ac.Kreuzer, Waubke, Schmutzhard, HrycakOEAWCurrent
Wavelets and Frames zur Darstellung von akustischen Wellenfeldern in der Raum-Zeit-Frequenz EbeneMaths/SP in Ac., Phys/Comp Ac.KreuzerCurrent
ZK Dynamates: Dynamiken der auditiven Prädiktion in menschlichen und anderen PrimatenEAPBaumgartnerFWFCurrent
AABBA - Aural Assessment By means of Binaural AlgorithmsEAPBaumgartner, Laback, MajdakCurrent
Acoustic cues in production and perception of irony in normal-hearing and CI-listenersAc. PhoneticsLeykumCurrent
Acoustic Features for Speaker ModelsAc. PhoneticsCurrent
ANACRES - Analysis and Acoustics ResearchMaths/SP in Ac.Balazs, Abreu, Speckbacher, StoevaWTZCurrent
Automatic Speaker IdentificationAc. PhoneticsCurrent
Automatic Speaker VerificationAc. PhoneticsCurrent
Beam FormingPhys/Comp Ac.Mihocic, WaubkeCurrent
Born2Hear: Development and Adaptation of Auditory Spatial Processing Across the Human LifespanEAPBaumgartnerCurrent
Die Stimme der jungen Wienerin – eine experimental-phonetische Longitudinalstudie zur Stimmqualität von jungen WienerinnenAc. PhoneticsLozo, PucherKultur WienCurrent
ExpSuite: Software for Psychoacoustic TestsEAPMajdak, MihocicCurrent
FLAME: Frames and Linear Operators for Acoustical Modeling and Parameter Estimation.Maths/SP in Ac.Balazs, Abreu, Holighaus, Necciari, Speckbacher, Stoeva, TauböckFWFCurrent
Frames, Reconstruction, and ApplicationsMaths/SP in Ac.StoevaCurrent
Galerkin Approach Combined With the Fast Multipole MethodPhys/Comp Ac.Current
INSIGHT: Infinite Dimensional Signal Processing Techniques for Acoustic ApplicationsMaths/SP in Ac.Balazs, Tauböck, Romero, KolianderWWTFCurrent
Irregular Frames of TranslatesMaths/SP in Ac.BalazsCurrent
ITD PsyPhyEAPLaback, MajdakNIHCurrent
LabEquip: Equipment and Facilities in the LabEAPMajdak, MihocicCurrent
LARSPhys/Comp Ac.Kaseß, WaubkeCurrent
Lateral Variants of Bosnian Migrants Living in ViennaAc. PhoneticsSchmidCurrent
Measurement of Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs)EAPMajdak, MihocicCurrent
MERLIN - Modern methods for the restoration of lost information in digital signalsMaths/SP in Ac.HolighausFWFCurrent
MissiSIPI: Towards Improving Selective Hearing in Cochlear Implant ListenersEAPLaback, LindenbeckDOCCurrent
Optimal Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) Initialization for Speaker ModelingAc. PhoneticsCurrent
Orthobem: Simulation of Vibrations in TunnelsPhys/Comp Ac.WaubkeCurrent
PAABPhys/Comp Ac.Kaseß, WaubkeCurrent
Practical Time Frequency AnalysisMaths/SP in Ac.Holighaus, PrusaCurrent
QWeightEAPLaback, FerberCurrent
RAARA - Residential Area Augmented Reality AcousticsPhys/Comp Ac.Kaseß, WaubkeFFGCurrent
SOFA: Spatially Oriented Format for AcousticsEAPMajdak, MihocicCurrent
softpinna: Non-Rigid Registration for the Calculation of HRTFsEAPMajdak, PollackFFGCurrent
Soziolekte in Wien - die mittelbairischen VarietätenAc. PhoneticsMoosmüllerKultur WienCurrent
Stochastic Transformation Methods (Acoustics and Vibration)Phys/Comp Ac.WaubkeCurrent
VarDiÖ: Variation and Change of dialect varieties in Austria (in apparent and real time)Ac. PhoneticsMoosmüller, Rausch-SupolaFWFCurrent
Vibrations in Random LayersPhys/Comp Ac.WaubkeCurrent
Vowel and consonant quantity in Southern German varietiesAc. PhoneticsMoosmüller, KlinglerCurrent
WiABahn - Akustische Wirkung von gleisnahen Abschirmkanten und BahnsteigdächernPhys/Comp Ac.Kaseß, Kreuzer, WaubkeCurrent

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