The Acoustics Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences invites applications for a 50 % research position in speech communication. The successful candidate must hold a PhD in electrical engineering, computer science, or phonetics.

  • He or she has worked on the interface of phonetic description of languages (with a specific focus on Austrian German language varieties) and speech technology,
  • has knowledge of Austrian German language varieties (sociolects, dialects),
  • has in-depth knowledge of state-of-the art speech synthesis methods and technology,
  • has good knowledge of other speech technologies (speaker verification, speaker recognition),
  • has significant international research contributions in the above mentioned fields,
  • has experience in a multi-disciplinary research environment, and is willing to work closely together with the working groups of the institute.

The Acoustics Research Institute is an interdisciplinary research institution of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. A multidisciplinary approach is necessary for frontier research in acoustics. The Acoustics Research Institute undertakes top-level research in psychoacoustics and experimental audiology, acoustic phonetics, computational acoustics, and mathematics and signal processing. The close interaction between the working groups at the institute allow innovative research approaches based on the synergy effects of multidisciplinary research as well as concepts that stimulate the individual research fields. ARI employs approximately 30 academic, technical, and administrative staff.

The position is available from 1st of January 2016 until 31st of December 2016. Given a successful cooperation with the group and the institute, a prolongation is possible. The salary will be EUR 24.101,70 a year according to the personal cost rates of the Academy (collective agreement 5/2) with willingness to a higher payment depending on the experience and qualification of the candidate.

Applicants are expected to submit a letter of application expressing their qualifications required for the tasks specified above, their curriculum vitae, and two references with contact data until December 5th, 2015 to:

Acoustics Research Institute
Academy of Sciences
Wohllebengasse 12-14
1040 Wien

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.