Wie Sie uns finden

How to find us

Dieser Abschnitt ist leider noch nicht vollständig in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.


Wohllebengasse 12-14 / 1. Stock, A-1040 Wien, Österreich


By Public Transportation

ARI LocationThe public transportation system in Vienna is very good and usually safe. Single und bulk tickets are available at tobaccionist's to be stamped inside the car of trams or at the entrance of underground stations. So if you don't have too much luggage, we recommend using it (though taxis are also reliable). The underground and tram stops which are closest to the ARI are:

  • Underground station "Taubstummengasse" on the U1 (red).

    • Arriving by underground at Taubstummengasse use the same-titled exit Taubstummengasse, follow the street on your right, proceed to Argentinierstraße and turn right into the "Wohllebengasse".
  • Underground station "Karlsplatz (Technical University of Vienna)" on the U2 (purple/violet) or U4 (green) line and U1 (red).

    • Arriving by underground at Karlsplatz you should find it easy to orient yourself by looking out for (1) the Technical University of Vienna main building and (2, left-hand) the "Karlskirche" church. Proceed to Argentinierstraße and turn left into the "Wohllebengasse".
  • Trams: Number 1 or 2 "Schwarzenbergplatz" (if you are coming around the "Ring"), and tram D. In all cases, you should get off at the "Schwarzenbergplatz" stop. Proceed to Prinz-Eugenstrasse and turn right into Wohllebengasse.

plan of the public transportation

From Vienna International Airport

After passing the customs clearance, head towards the City Airport Train of the arrival hall. Take the "CAT" (City Airport Train. Tickets on the platform: €11,-) to Vienna "Wien-Mitte-Landstrasse". From there, take the U4 towards "Hütteldorf" (tickets in the entrance hall: ~€2,20), and exit at the 2nd stop "Karlsplatz". Proceed as described above by looking out for (1) the Technical University of Vienna main building and (2) the "Karlskirche" church.

From The Train Stations

If you come into one of the following major train stations in Vienna, here are instructions on how to find us.

  • Hauptbahnhof: take the underground line U1 (red) towards "Leopoldau" and exit at the first stop "Taubstummengasse".

  • Westbahnhof: take the underground line U3 (orange) towards "Simmering" and change at "Stephansplatz" onto the U1 (direction "Reumannplatz"). Exit at the first stop "Karlsplatz".

  • Franz-Josephs-Bahnhof: take the tram D to the first stop in Prinz-Eugenstrasse, after "Schwarzenbergplatz-Ring".

By Car

Car parking is a problem in central Vienna. You need to buy parking tickets in advance (for up to 1h30 available at tobaccionist's) to be positioned above the dashboard visible in your car, and a few hours parking can be expensive. During normal office hours it is difficult but not impossible to find a parking space in the streets near the Institute. However, you should consider parking your car outside central Vienna and using public transportation. On special request contact us for in door parking.

If you get into trouble

In case you still can't find us, please just phone +43 1 51581-2501 or +43 1 51581-2502.