Miscellaneous STx Scripts

SPExL is the STx application for transcription (audio-to-text transcription). It is equally suited to support transcriptions and annotations of audio signals, optionally according to user controlled transcription templates. Sound file segments are created and automatically linked to *.wav files.


STx provides all methods necessary for computation of Mel Frequency CepstralCoefficients (MFCC). All the methods are described in the STProgrammer Guide. This document shows how to use the STx Macro Language to extract MFCC feature vectors from a sound file. All macros and sound processing units (SPUs) are written in the file mfcc extraction.sts which is  listed in Chapter 3. This macro file has to be run from inside STx. Note that  you may have to adjust the path of the #soundfile variable which has to point to a valid WAV sound file.

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Type: Script
Version: -
STx Version: 3.7
Author: Timo Becker
Contact: Timo Becker,
c/o Department of Speaker Identification and Audio Analysis, BKA (Federal Criminal Police) KT 54, 65173 Wiesbaden, Germany

A simple timer application which shows the elapsed time in a dialog and can be controlled via buttons or shell messages.
STx timer script

Type: Script
Version: 1.0
STx Version:
3.8 beta Revision 1853
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