Past News

Past news

Position Vacancy in the Acoustics Research Institute
Two Post-Doc Research Assistants for the project Frames and Linear Operators for Acoustical Modeling and Parameter Estimation (FLAME)

The first press release about the WWTF project  Frame Multiplier: Theory and Application in Acoustics has been published in the Österreich-Journal and in the Sichere Arbeit-Magazine. It is also mentioned in the 'Die Universität Online '.

Position Vacancy in the Acoustics Research Institute
Senior Research Fellow, acting Group Leader of 'Mathematics and Signal Processing in Acoustics'

The Austrian Academy of Sciences is presenting 'mathematics in ...' as the topic of the month in December 2007.

This includes 'mathematics at the Acoustics Research Institute', which describes the WWTF funded project 'Frame Multipliers: Theory and Application in Acoustics (MulAC)'.

You can read more about this project here.

We would like to inform you that the Acoustic Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences has relocated its office to the following address:

New address:
Wohllebengasse 12-14 (1st Floor)
A-1040, Vienna, Austria


Phone Number: +43 1 51581 25-01 or -02
Fax Number: +43 1 51581 2530

You can view a map of our new location here and consult How to find us. Please see Staff and Associates for the new phone numbers of individual employees. We are very glad to take this opportunity to announce the substantial enhancement of our activities on grounds of the improved research infrastructure at this new location.